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Twitter or Facebook?

This question pops ever so often, so here’s my take.

I use both twitter and facebook. Each has its own qualities which make it unique to its own space.  In determining which is right for you and your business, you first need to define who your audience is. Sometimes, you can utilize both platforms to get your message out to the masses. While facebook and twitter are similar, they are very different and deliver information in completely different ways.

For me, facebook is a way to stay connected with friends, family and fellow and former colleagues. It’s an extended network of sorts. I enjoy being able to remain in contact with people I’ve met along the way with who I may have some common ground. Facebook is what it is, a place for sharing and connecting. However, I see how it can also be a good avenue to connect and interact with your customers.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a very informal plethora of constant information. You can use it however you see fit. For me, using twitter has opened up many doors to information I would not have found otherwise. I like the near immediate response and interaction of twitter. Like facebook, twitter can also be a good avenue for reaching out and connecting with your customers.

My answer to the question of twitter or facebook, is going to have to be both. The two mediums compliment each other, and I enjoy what each has to offer. I would not want to change this!

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