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Discovering the Art of Zentangle®

My Zentangle Kit arrived today. I have quickly discovered I can’t put it down. While it has been years since I drew anything, I am finding that I am strongly drawn to this art form and am enjoying its relaxing and meditative benefits. You can’t rush through it. You have to be deliberate and almost contemplative with each stroke of pen to paper. The concept is simple: “Anything is possible…one stroke at a timeTM“, according to Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, at, who developed this technique.

This is my first Zentangle, following the instructions in the neat little guide, Beginning Zentangle, that accompanied my kit.

Donna's first Zentangle

My First Zentangle

This is the second lesson result.

Donna's First Zentangle

Lesson 2 Zentangle

Venturing out on my own…

Donna's First Original Zentangle

My First Original Zentangle

One Response to “Discovering the Art of Zentangle®”

  1. Tanya says:

    I just started tangling after seeing a demonstration at my local quilt store. I love it! I found your website and was so impressed with your work. I love seeing your first works and how your style has grown. It inspires me that my work may not be as elegant as others, but with practice and time, I too create beautiful, elegant results.

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