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Zentangle® Challenge

I have started making it a point to read the official ‘Blog Zentangle’ each day. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, Zentangle founders, always share some sweet nugget with us. Today was a bit reflective in that Maria decided to create a Zentangle using the very basic, often the very first, tangles you learn. It is fun to go back to the basics and see transpires in the process. I decided to follow her lead and not only did I challenge myself to create a Zentangle using the first tangles I learned, but I challenged myself to create a Zentangle in 15 minutes. What I share here is the result of the challenge, and it took me just a few minutes longer… I clocked in at 20 minutes.


June 3 Zentangle Challenge

June 3 Zentangle Challenge using crescent moon, flux, hollibaugh, meer and onomato

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