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Tangling in the Clover…

…in the Owl’s Clover that is!

On July 24, Owl’s Clover in Fort Worth (TX) hosted this fun evening of Zentangle 101 with new faces, and new friends. If you are one of the tanglers from this evening, hello and welcome to my site! I had so much fun with this lively group who wasn’t afraid to interject their own words while tangling. My favorite comment of the evening was, “I checked my artistic license at the door.” In my opinion, that is a good way to open your heart and mind to the wonderful world of Zentangle. It holds so true for artists and non-artists alike.  The beauty of Zentangle is that is you think you have no artistic ability, you too can do Zentangle. As this custom workshop demonstrated (yet again), even those who were absolutely convinced they could not create a work of art did so.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are photos from this most enjoyable evening with new friends.

Tangle on!
Donna, CZT (Class #3)

Zentangle 101 Student Zentangles

Zentangle 101 Student Zentangles

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  1. Carole Ohl says:

    Awesome, Donna! I can feel the fun all the way in Ohio!

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