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Zentangle® with Mom

I have been extremely blessed to have very supportive parents. No matter what I wanted to do, they were (and still are) always there cheering me on. From ice hockey to sailing to showing horses, they are there. Zentangle is my latest venture. I have absolutely fallen in love with this art form, so much so, that my ever-supportive parents helped get me to last May’s Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar. As a CZT, I enjoy certain privileges afforded us. One such benefit is a private online discussion group. A recent discussion revealed how family is not always your best test class. Some family members get it, some don’t (many don’t). The stories are hysterical to horrifying to those ‘aha’ moments when a family member actually gets it and embraces it (rare).

Today my mom came to visit. Actually, she came to help me deal with my unruly house. Throughout the morning we kept getting drawn back to conversation about Zentangle. She told me how much she wanted to learn more and would pay me to teach her. Are you kidding me? I was floored, flattered and totally touched. I felt she had already paid me by helping me out, so it was my turn to reciprocate. I asked her if she had 30 minutes. She said yes, and as they say, the rest is history. We had a mini-class and here is the result! She was thrilled! Mom left with a mini kit and promised to have a Zentangle to share with me when we meet for lunch on Friday.

Tangle with Mom

Tangle with Mom

Tangle on!
~Donna, CZT (Class #3)

2 Responses to “Zentangle® with Mom”

  1. Vicki, CZT says:

    I have to admit that showing my Zentangles to family was an awakening experience to me. I had assumed that we would all sit down and I would get a chance to do a mini-class with everyone catching up (we rarely all get together at one time). One of my sisters is totally hooked (naturally she lives no where near me) but the rest looked, said “that’s nice” and that was the end. I am blessed that I have 1 granddaughter by marriage and we tangle together all the time. Your Mom’s Zentangles are great!

  2. Congratulations! You are lucky! I wish I could get someone in my family to tangle. They like mine, but won’t try themselves.

    I’ve finally got some co-workers interested, but none have actually starting doing them yet.

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