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Just “Betweed” Us

This week, Rick and Maria (Zentangle founders) released a new official tangle, “betweed.” Betweed came about as the result of a typo in one of their messages to CZTs; Rick really meant “between.” The discussion and hilarity that followed quickly turned to what we all knew: betweed would make for a great tangle name. I saw betweed start popping up in Blog Zentangle. It is currently my favorite tangle. Want to make it your favorite tangle? Join me for a workshop to learn how.


Betweed, Official Zentangle Tangle

"Wead Betweed the Wines"

Betweed” in use…

Bewteed in Use

Betweed #4

Betweed in use

Betweed #2

Betweed on an Ensemble Tile

Betweed on an Ensemble Tile

3 Responses to “Just “Betweed” Us”

  1. Pam says:

    What is the name of the star shaped tangle on the ensemble tile on this page? That tile is beautiful. Thank you

  2. Teresa Griffin says:

    I Really Love this one!

  3. Nori says:

    Awesome! I REALLY like that one!

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