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A Tangleation

A new word recently coined is Tangleation. Simply put, “tangleation (tan-gle-a-tion), noun. A noticeable variation of an existing tangle.; inspired variations that are noticeably different but fundamentally same in basic approach; structurally based on the original tangle.”

Great and what a wonderful segue to introduce my Kardz tangle. Kardz is based on Crescent Moon and came into being about a year ago. It is one of my favorite tangles as you can see when perusing my Zentangles. If you can do Crescent Moon, you can do Kardz.

Original Kardz Tangleation

Kardz Tangleation

6 Responses to “A Tangleation”

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  2. Estelle Goodnight says:

    I like it a lot! Am going to have to try doing a tangelation soon.

  3. Very nice. Looks like I’m going to have to do some tangleations soon.

  4. VERY nice tangelations.

  5. Amy Broady says:

    Donna, I love this tangleation! And the fact that you showed two forms of it! Thanks for sharing.
    Amy in TN
    CZT #4

  6. Michelle says:

    Very nice! I’m going through a tangleation phase at the moment and it seems to be all I’m doing 🙂

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