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Zentangle at Energy, Light and Information Center

I am thrilled to be teaching again at the Energy, Light and Information Center in Springtown, Texas. On Saturday, July 14, from 10am to about 12:30pm, I will be holding a Zentangle Basics workshop.

What is Zentangle? I get asked all the time. In its purist form it is a focused meditation. Its premise is simple in that it is a relaxed focus aspect of meditation. Not to sound redundant, Zentangle is indeed “an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.” This process is also frequently referred to as a “meditational artform.” The simplistic steps of “one stroke at a time” allow you to relax, focus, and create a beautiful work of art. Truly anyone can create a Zentangle. You do not need any artistic training or ability.

In this introductory workshop, you will learn the philosophy and basics of Zentangle. It will increase your understanding of Zentangle and how it removes obstacles to allow you to create art. Unlike doodling, Zentangle is a deliberate process where each stroke of the pen to paper is mindful with unhurried attention. The focus is on each stroke with no regard for the outcome.

I hope you will join me on July 14 at Energy, Light and Information for an inspiring morning of Zentangle.

* * * * *

Pre-registration is required to attend this workshop. Please make your check payable to Donna Hornsby in the amount of $35 and mail it to me at P.O. Box 36, Springtown, TX 76082. Payment must be received by Thursday, July 12 to ensure your seat at the table.

A Zentangle with Shing, a tangle by Margaret Bremner

My Zentangle showing “Shing,” a tangle created by fellow Certified Zentangle Teacher Margaret Bremner


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