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Zentangle untangled: An Inspiring Book for Meditative Drawing

I have so many friends now through this wonderful world called Zentangle. One such friend who crossed my path is Kass Hall. Kass is an accomplished mixed-media artist from Down Under. Although we’ve never met face-to-face, we’ve known each other now for nearly two years. I was thrilled when I read she was coming to the United States to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).

Zentangle untangled by Kass Hall

Zentangle untangled by Certified Zentangle Teacher Kass Hall

I was so excited when I heard that Kass was writing a new Zentangle book. There are a number of Zentangle books out there now, but this one promised to be different and it is. I couldn’t wait for its debut onto bookshelves. Well, that day recently arrived and now I have a copy on my bookshelf. I can’t really say it even made it to the bookshelf because I refer to it almost daily so it is always within an arm’s reach of my tangling space. When Zentangle untangled arrived not long ago, I couldn’t put it down. Even though I am a CZT, too, this book holds so much inspiration that regardless of your experience level, you’ll find inspiring creativity throughout its pages. One of the things I really like about Kass’s book is the well-organized presentation of ideas and prompts. Zentangle untangled takes you on an eloquent journey introducing Zentangle to  sharing step-by-step tangles (patterns) to showing what is possible one stroke at a time.

If you are looking for a how-to book that shows you how to replicate the numerous tangles found on the Web, this is not that book. No. This book is so much more. While it does share a mix of official Zentangle tangles and tangles by Kass and fellow CZTs, this book also guides you through the process of adding color and introducing a variety of materials to create Zentangle-inspired art. I know since I got my copy, I’ve been re-inspired to create more Zentangles and Zentangle-inspired art.

Kass’s book, Zentangle untangled get five Zentangle stars from me. I cannot recommend this book enough and hope you’ll grab your copy soon!

One Response to “Zentangle untangled: An Inspiring Book for Meditative Drawing”

  1. kass hall says:

    What a lovely review Donna! Thank you so much for your kind words—I love reading reviews that really GET what this book is about and why I wrote it. You’re right—it’s not like the others and deliberately so! I wanted something completely different and I love that you and so many others are appreciating that!

    Big love from Down Under!


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