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Zentangle® with Mom

I have been extremely blessed to have very supportive parents. No matter what I wanted to do, they were (and still are) always there cheering me on. From ice hockey to sailing to showing horses, they are there. Zentangle is my latest venture. I have absolutely fallen in love with this art form, so much so, that my ever-supportive parents helped get me to last May’s Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar. As a CZT, I enjoy certain privileges afforded...

Zentangle®-Inspired ATC Project

I recently joined a group of individuals who share Zentangle-inspired art through the mail. Similar in concept to the chain letters of the past, when the mood strikes you, you send out a piece of art to someone on the ‘official’ list. Unlike a chain letter, you get to pick and choose the person you send your art to, and there is no obligation to ever send anything. However, I feel compelled to participate (as I should, after all I did sign...

Rainy Day Zentangle®

What are the odds of rain in July in Texas? Not likely. However, it’s raining, it’s July, and I’m in Texas. Nice quiet time to tangle! A Zentangle a day is as good as an apple a day. It’s helps get your brain relaxed and focused, and ready for the day. Just like yoga for your body, Zentangle is yoga for your brain. It’s meditative state often opens your mind to greater possibilities. What’s so wonderful about this art...
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