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Zentangle® in Glass

What do you give the hostess with the mostess? Zentangle in glass! I went to a housewarming and promotion party today and wanted to take something different. Everyone always brings the obligatory bottle of wine for the hostess, or a case of beer for the host. I wanted to bring something that could be cherished in years to come and hopefully serve as a reminder of a special day. So I created a Zentangle just for my girlfriend and then sealed it in glass...

DL Barnacle

I wanted to create a new tangle using circles. As you can see in this Zentangle, the different variations may have you asking is it a barnacle or an olive? The possibilities are limitless. Tangle On! DL...

Zentangle® in the Japanese Garden

I recently made a new friend who also tangles. She lives in Hawaii and often takes snapshots of her work when she goes for a walk. While attending the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Japanese Spring Festival, I was inspired to tangle, and here my resulting Zentangle. Enjoy! Zentangle in Pine Zentangle in Cala Lily Zentangle in Japanese...
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