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Practice Makes Perfect

Several friends have commented that I needed to make bigger works. This is my first ‘large’ Zentangle. Large only in that is is on 6″ x 8″ stock. Traditionally, Zentangle is done on 3.5″ x 3.5″ stock (about the size of a drink coaster). It is meditative and ‘zen-like’ in nature. This work took me some time to complete as I would contemplate each section prior to actually creating it. Today, I finished the...

Discovering the Art of Zentangle®

My Zentangle Kit arrived today. I have quickly discovered I can’t put it down. While it has been years since I drew anything, I am finding that I am strongly drawn to this art form and am enjoying its relaxing and meditative benefits. You can’t rush through it. You have to be deliberate and almost contemplative with each stroke of pen to paper. The concept is simple: “Anything is possible…one stroke at a timeTM“, according to...
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