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Keenees: A New Tangle

I honestly cannot remember what inspired me to create this tangle. I do know it was not an “itsy-bitsy teeny tiny polka-dot bikini.” However, as development progressed, low and behold, the name became clear and here I introduce Keenees—which has indeed provided that itsy-bitsy teeny tiny polka-dot bikini inspiration. It’s a fun and playful tangle. It can be used as a filler, a border, or wherever you choose. And, it is the perfect...

A Tangleation

A new word recently coined is Tangleation. Simply put, “tangleation (tan-gle-a-tion), noun. A noticeable variation of an existing tangle.; inspired variations that are noticeably different but fundamentally same in basic approach; structurally based on the original tangle.” Great and what a wonderful segue to introduce my Kardz tangle. Kardz is based on Crescent Moon and came into being about a year ago. It is one of my favorite tangles as you...

Just “Betweed” Us

This week, Rick and Maria (Zentangle founders) released a new official tangle, “betweed.” Betweed came about as the result of a typo in one of their messages to CZTs; Rick really meant “between.” The discussion and hilarity that followed quickly turned to what we all knew: betweed would make for a great tangle name. I saw betweed start popping up in Blog Zentangle. It is currently my favorite tangle. Want to make it your favorite...
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