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Tangle with Mom, Part 2

It seems we have a pattern here. Mom comes to visit, we tangle. And that’s tangle in a good way. Having survived childhood, adolescence, puberty and young adult phases of daughter-mother relationships, we’re now enjoying the daughter-mother ‘friendship’ phase. It is truly enjoyable being able to share just about any conversation with each other, regardless of topic. Zentangle is our ‘now’ topic and as a result,...

Zentangle® with Mom

I have been extremely blessed to have very supportive parents. No matter what I wanted to do, they were (and still are) always there cheering me on. From ice hockey to sailing to showing horses, they are there. Zentangle is my latest venture. I have absolutely fallen in love with this art form, so much so, that my ever-supportive parents helped get me to last May’s Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar. As a CZT, I enjoy certain privileges afforded...

Zentangle®-Inspired ATC Project

I recently joined a group of individuals who share Zentangle-inspired art through the mail. Similar in concept to the chain letters of the past, when the mood strikes you, you send out a piece of art to someone on the ‘official’ list. Unlike a chain letter, you get to pick and choose the person you send your art to, and there is no obligation to ever send anything. However, I feel compelled to participate (as I should, after all I did sign...
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