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Learn Zentangle®

Zentangle Tile with official tangles


We all need to relax, decompress and de-stress. Zentangle offers a quick way to intentionally redirect your focus and allow you to enter a relaxed state almost immediately—without going on vacation. It does not require a practiced physical discipline, uniform, special location or equipment. Think of Zentangle as ‘yoga for your brain.’

By combining simple, repetitive patterns you will be amazed at how easy it is to create unique works of art, become relaxed, and that “Anything is possible… one stroke at a timeTM

All workshops…

  • Teach tangles from the official “102 Tangles of Zentangle” illustrated guide by Zentangle founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
  • Last approximately two to two and a half hours
  • Are customized to each setting and group
  • Have additional supplies and the original Zentangle Kits available for purchase

Introduction to Zentangle aka Zentangle 101

In this workshop you are introduced to the theory and basics of Zentangle. You will create at least six basic tangles (patterns) and two Zentangle tiles. A mini Zentangle kit is included.

Zentangle: Beyond the Basics (Zentangle 102)

In this workshop,  “higher concentration level” tangles are presented along with variations, tips and tricks to take your Zentangles to the next level. Zentangle 101 is required prior to this workshop. You will need to bring your Zentangle mini kit or your original Zentangle kit. Any special materials or supplies will be provided.

Zentangle Home Workshop

Consider hosting a Zentangle Home Workshop for you and your friends. Home workshops last approximately two hours. Home workshops are customized just for you and your friends. You will learn six to eight tangles (patterns), and complete two tiles. When you host a Zentangle Home Workshop with at least six of your friends, you will receive the original Zentangle Kit (a $50 value) absolutely free as my thank you gift to you!

Basic Workshop Fees

Zentangle 101 and home workshop fees include one mini kit per person. The mini kit includes: 1 pen, 1 pencil, 5 tiles, and a convenient carrying case.

$45/person, 4-5 people

$35/person, 6+ people

Zentangle Seminars, Group Workshops and Custom Classes

I offer custom-tailored seminars and workshops appropriate to your group’s needs. With its metaphor-rich philosophical base, Zentangle is an excellent tool for team building, improving self-esteem and supporting individual confidence and creativity. Whether sales training, management team building, educational, artistic or therapeutic, or just for an engaging and uplifting break, your group will enjoy and benefit from a Zentangle presentation.

Zentangle’s application and use is widespread. Consider holding a Zentangle session at your place of business, conference or retreat.  Zentangle exercises have been directed to areas such as:

  • Individual self-worth
  • Problem solving
  • Individual’s role within a team
  • Intentionally directing focus under stress
  • Accessing inner knowledge and guidance
  • Anger management

Cost: Flat rate by private treaty, to include travel and all expenses

CLICK HERE for more information or to schedule a workshop for you or your organization.


Workshops are held in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. Fees are for locations west of DFW International Airport. Locations east of DFW International Airport, please add $10/per person.

Fees are subject to change without notice. Actual workshop fees are based on location, number of participants, and associated costs (e.g., room use fees, supplies and materials).

Zentangle is a registered trademark belonging to Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Thanks to Sandy Steen Bartholomew for coining the phrase “yoga for your brain.”